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There is a new fitness apparel company on the market now that you can’t find in any stores (just yet), however, that hasn’t stopped the brand’s creator Megan Williams from turning her at-home North Carolina business into one of the most successful ones in America!

Fit For A Belle aka FFAB was created by Williams after she noticed she was overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Putting her energy into working out and starting her fitness apparel brand helped Williams get back on track to living healthy, and has since inspired thousands of women around the globe to find their passions, while keeping fit & looking good; With FFAB, Williams has made sure all her clothing is designed to fit any body type, which encourages women to live unapologetically as themselves.

With all this in mind, Williams has turned her online-based business into one of the top in the country, and has attracted countless Hollywood celebrity fans including Jordin Sparks, Kristen Renton, Vivian Lamolli, Alyson Stoner and Roxy Sowlaty.

We here at Examiner sat down exclusively with the young designer and entrepreneur to learn a bit more on her recent successes…

Jeremy Meyer: How has your life changed since starting FFAB?

Fit For A Belle


Megan William: Since starting FFAB, my life has been a whirlwind!It’s amazing to see how much the brand has grown and developed since its inception. It seems like only yesterday that I was coming up with the ideas for my first few items and crossing my fingers that it would turn out well! Now, I look at the following it has and I feel so fortunate that the brand has brought so many strong, beautiful women together into what feels like a family! I’ve gotten to travel and to meet so many people, in person and through social media, whose stories have truly had an impact on me and motivate me to continue to be my best. It’s still incredibly surreal to see people wearing and supporting my brand all across the country and there are even some international Belles! As exciting as it is, the entire experience has been incredibly humbling and proof of how far a little motivation and imagination can take you!

JM:How old are you these days, and does age really matter when it comes to running a successful company?

MW: I’m twenty-five years old, which some might still consider a young age. In my opinion, your ability to accomplish any goal depends on your character as a person rather than the numerical stamp beside your name. There are people who have graduated from college at the age of ten and others who have climbed Mount Everest at the age of eighty. The success of any endeavor really comes from your mindset, how bad you want to accomplish it, and are you willing to put the work in to do so? FFAB is my passion and I made a decision when I began this journey to always take things in stride and keep pushing with my best foot forward.

JM: How did you come up with the Fit For A Belle name and concept?

MW: The concept for Fit For A Belle came from my own journey into exercise and fitness. When I first started out, I found myself wishing that there were exercise clothes that were more comfortable and not so catered to a singular body shape. I looked around and saw so many individuals of different shapes and sizes all working towards the same goal: to better themselves! I thought about how good I felt in clothes that fit me well and the beginnings of the idea for FFAB was born. I decided I would stray away from the beaten path; create something unique, and most importantly: something for everyone! The name started as a play on the word “barbell” and evolved organically from there. As time has gone on, I’ve come up with lots of fun ways to incorporate both the same and its abbreviation into so many fun words and sayings. What can I say? It’s FFABulous!

What has been the hardest obstacle to overcome since creating your company?

Honestly, the most challenging obstacle was overcoming a sense of self-doubt that I couldn’t help but feel due to the skepticism of others. As I was first starting out, when I told people I wanted to create this brand, I was met with a lot of hesitation and “You’re going to do what?” responses. People thought I was out of my mind. I was so nervous releasing my first items because I wanted them to be perfect and for people to respond well to them. The brand itself has evolved so much since then and now I’ve learned to ignore people’s negativity and stay true to myself, to the people who support the brand, and surround myself with those who want to see it succeed.

In your personal view, what has been your biggest achievement with FFAB so far?

It's so hard to pinpoint one moment that I would don my greatest achievement. There have been so many moments that have taken my breath away along this journey. From seeing someone wearing my apparel in public for the first time to the first major photo shoot we did that brought so many people together. It's just amazing to see all of the places FFAB has been and to think it started as a small dream in my mind not so terribly long ago. I think the most humbling moment I've experienced was standing in the gifting suite at the Teen Choice Awards. So many influential people surrounded me and they were complimenting my products, it was the kind of moment you never dare to let yourself dream about in the beginning and at that moment, it was my reality.

JM: What do you think was the big "turning point" that brought on the FFAB success?

MW: The turning point for FFAB was definitely when I made the decision to stay true to my vision of the brand. The first pieces I created were more logo based and although they were popular, I still wanted more flair. Some people told me to stick with what seemed to be working, but I knew FFAB had the potential to be so much more. I brought in more fits, more sassy sayings, and created things that I truly loved and could see myself in. Too often, people let fear of going against the norm hold them back and I never forget that I vowed to be different!

JM: What new collections / designs are you working on?

MW: At FFAB, we have been hard at work on our Winter line which features more designs catered toward colder weather; things like jumpsuits and sleeved apparel. The journey doesn’t pause just because it gets cold out! I am constantly listening to what my customers are saying about the brand and love hearing their opinions and input! Ideas for items are constantly on my mind. Some make it into actual production, while others are just for fun. I would call it work, but it just doesn’t seem that way when you have so much fun doing it!

JM: Anything for men?

MW: Yes, we haven’t forgotten about the men at Fit For A Belle! In the past we have released limited edition Fit For A Beast shirts and plan to create more options for men in the coming lines, so keep an eye out gentlemen!

JM: What makes your clothing different than others?

MW: FFAB was founded on the idea that everybody, and every body, is unique! It has always been my goal to create clothing that is comfortable and flattering for all women no matter their shape or size. Unfortunately, some fitness clothing companies forget that we are not all the same physically or necessarily in the same chapter of our fitness journeys. FFAB is about being able to find those pieces that will make you feel comfortable whether you are on day one, or day one hundred and one, of your journey! I’ve found that when women spend less time worrying about feeling physically insecure, a beautiful thing happens: we have more time to motivate a empower each other instead!

JM: How often do you go to the gym these days?

MW: Currently I am going to the gym for sixty minutes, four days a week. I split my time between weightlifting and cardio. Doing so is vital to your body and to the results you are aiming to achieve, a small fact that people tend to overlook. Instead of having a "No days off" mentality, as I once did, it's important to focus on how you spend your time in the gym rather than how many hours you spend there. You have to know yourself and what works for you. For me, going to the gym everyday placed an incredible amount of stress on my body which in turn became counterproductive. My health consultant, Shawn Bean, helps to keep me in line balancing work and play. Don't be ashamed to reach out for help! Trial and error taught me what worked for me and allowed me to reach a place where I can always be balanced while I'm lifting and while I'm living.

JM: What do you hope your own personal story and clothing inspire others to do?

MW: I hope my story inspires other people to follow their dreams. It might sound a little cliché, but it’s true! There is nothing worse than looking back and feeling regret over chances you didn’t take. I want my story to stand as a testament that if you aren’t truly happy with your life, you have the ability to change it. When I first started out, I had no clue what I was doing or where I would end up, but I knew I wanted to try. Let my story and my brand to be proof that you can live unapologetically as yourself and be proud of who you are! I hope that when people wear my products, they feel like the confident, beautiful individuals that they deserve to be and with that little extra boost, they are able to accomplish great things! I truly feel that my biggest success has not been the clothes themselves but the community of empowerment that has been organically created around the brand itself.

JM: You have lots of celebrity fans... Is there any celeb you would love to meet and to wear your clothing?

MW: It would be such an honor to meet Carrie Underwood and to see her rock some FFAB gear! She’s a personal favorite of mine because throughout her rise to fame she has never compromised who she is or what she stands for. She, in my opinion, is an example of class and strength, which is exactly what we encourage women to be at FFAB. I admire her because she knew what she wanted, took a chance, and is proof that your dreams can become your reality.

JM: What is your advice to other young adults wanting to start their own fashion line / business?

MW: The best advice I can give to someone wanting to begin in any endeavor is to have a clear vision of what you want your product or goal to be. Adapt but do not compromise that original ambition. People are capable of incredible things if they merely have the work ethic to match their dream. There are going to be days when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, but those are the days that you need to step back and look how far you’ve come. When I see all of the places FFAB has been, I can’t help but be excited to work hard to see where it will go.

JM: What is your ultimate goal?

MW: My ultimate goal is to explore every aspect and potential for what FFAB can be as an entity. I hope to continue to grow not only the line itself, but the community surrounding it. In my wildest dreams, FFAB would be a household name not only for apparel but also as a fitness community where people can find positivity, acceptance, and motivation to push them forwards toward their own goals. Everyone deserves to be happy, to feel beautiful and confident, and as long as I continue to touch the lives of others, my journey continues!

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